Membership FAQs

  1. What does a NEW INITIATE mean?

    This is someone who is interested and eligible to apply and pursue membership into KDP.  They have not been inducted as of yet.  They are in the process throughout the school year to be a part of the Kappa experience in order to be fully inducted as an active member in the Spring. 

  2. Who is an ACTIVE member?

    An active member is someone who has already been inducted into KDP through an Induction ceremony in April.  This member has completed the requirements of the Kappa Eta Chapter and continues to be a part of the KDP experience. 

  3. What would happen if my GPA drops below the standard requirement of a 3.25?

    If you are an active member, you will be put on probation for one semester. If your GPA doesn't raise to at least a 3.25, then you will be disaffiliated.  If you are a new initiate, you will not be able to be inducted into the Honor Society with below a 3.25 GPA.  

  4. Where does the money that I pay for dues go towards?

    The local dues that you pay during the school year goes towards the following:

    • Induction Ceremony (dinner, decorations, candles, KDP apparel, dessert, beverages,etc)
    • Program Planning
    • Professional Development
    • Events
    • Donations to lower-income schools 

    The national dues that you pay annually goes towards KDP headquarters to maintain your membership in Kappa Delta Pi.  


  5. How can a freshman become a member of KDP without having education credits?

    Freshmen become junior members (non-active participating members) and fulfill ALL requirements as any other upperclassmen and active member. However, they must have at least 12 credits of education coursework by the end of their second semester at STJ.  If you are unable to obtain 12 credits, you will have to wait until the following semester to apply for membership.

  6. After my initiation into KDP, am I a lifetime member?

    Unlike other traditional honor societies, KDP provides both recognition AND professional resources and services for members at all levels and stages of their educational careers. In order to provide these services and benefits, KDP assesses its members an annual membership fee. Once initiated into Kappa Delta Pi, you are a member for life—but you must renew your membership each year by paying annual international membership dues to receive publications and member services.

  7. Can I still become a member of KDP if I study abroad?

    Yes! As long as you fulfill ALL the requirements of the Kappa Eta Chapter. You must show proper documentation in order to prove that you are completing events as well as paying your dues.  When you return, you along with other members who didn't attend the induction ceremony, will have a private ceremony.  


  8. How do I renew my membership?

    A membership renewal form will be sent via mail and e-mail approximately three months prior to your membership expiration date. You also may renew your membership online using Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. Your renewal date is one year from the date your name is entered into the Society database at KDP Headquarters. Society and local chapter dues are billed annually on the same invoice so that you only will need to make one payment.

  9. If I let my membership lapse, what happens?

    If your annual dues have not been paid, you no longer will receive member benefits and publications. Your membership can be renewed at any time online or by calling 800-284-3167. You also may download or request a renewal form.

  10. Can I wear KDP honor cords if I am not an active member?

    Only active members who have paid Society membership dues are eligible to wear honor cords or a stole at graduation. Additionally, some chapters may have local participation requirements that need to be fulfilled. Check with the local chapter counselor for this information.

  11. Can I order the apparel if I haven't been inducted into KDP?

    You must be an active member in order to purchase any KDP apparel.  To order, please email to [email protected] or call (718)-990-1473

  12. I'd like to stay involved with KDP after I graduate. How do I find out more about graduate student or practicing teacher resources?

    Visit the Graduate, Professional, or Administrators sections for more information about what KDP offers members once they have graduated. Explore joining or starting a Professional Chapter or Chalk Talk Café for ongoing professional learning communities.

  13. If I have complaint, whom do I go to?

    Please contact Dean Willis via email at [email protected] 

  14. I found out about KDP in the spring semester. Is it too late to apply?

    No!  It is never too late!  As long as you are able to complete ALL the requirements in the time remaining, then you are just as eligible as any other member.  However, you must have everything done by the deadlines or else you are unable to apply for membership. 

  15. I am an active member and I am studying abroad. What do I do?

    Just because you are going abroad doesn't mean you are exempt from completing the requirements.  There are several service and professional development events taking place abroad which can account for your event requirement.  Please get a signature from the supervisor of the event to indicate your presence.  You must also pay your dues before you depart.  Please let an EBOARD Officer know that you are studying abroad!! You can keep in touch with the Presidents or Vice Presidents to update your status or maintain your progress.


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