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In order to be a part of Kappa Delta Pi, a current member or a new initiate must be an active participant in the committee process.  There are several committees to choose from which are described in detail below.

To select which committee you prefer, complete the KDP 2013-2014 Membership application located in the 'Application/Requirements' section of the 'Kappa Eta' page at the top of the webpage. Please be sure to send your application to [email protected] when it has been completed.

Executive Committee

The Executive President and the President chair the Executive Committee of the chapter which is a standing committee required by the International Constitution and Bylaws.  Serving as a steering committee for the chapter, the Executive Committee meets more often than the general membership meetings.  This committee is responsible for approving the chapter budget, evaluating the chapter for strengths and weaknesses.  In addition, the Executive Committee keeps a sharp eye on the health of the chapter by evaluating its strengths and weaknesses.  While there are often issues that must be voted on during a general membership meeting (i.e., election of officers, passing of local bylaws), decisions affecting the entire chapter, such as programming, are first approved by the Executive Committee before they are presented to the general membership.  Other decisions, such as the chapter budget, are voted on exclusively by the Executive Council.

Fundraising Committee

The Foundation Representative chairs the Fundraising Committee.  The Fundraising Committee collaborates with the Programming Committee to plan and implement all fundraising to support chater events, scholarships, community projects and society functions.  The Foundation Representative works with the Treasurer to match funding to chapter projects.  This committee also coordinates efforts to raise money for Convocation attendance.

Programming Committee

The Vice President chairs the Programming Committee, a standing committee required by the International Constitution and Bylaws.  This committee is responsible for planning and implementing all chapter programs and events, job-search preparation programs, service projects, speakers, and other creative ideas to provide new opportunities and experiences for chapter membership.  The Programming Committee works with the Membership Committee, using the results from the Member Interest Survey to provide specific experiences requested by the members.  The Vice President presents the calendar of events first to the Executive Council for approval and then to the chapter membership.  The Vice President monitors the progress of all sub-and ad hoc committees formed to support chapter programming. 

Membership Committee

The Membership Chair chairs the Membership Committee, a standing committee required by the International Constitution and Bylaws.  This committee is responsible for recruiting membership and retaining them once they join the chapter. The committee generates a list of potential member and verifies eligibility.  The Membership Committee plans and presents the informational meeting for prospective memberships and the orientation meeting for newly inducted members.  This committee also coordinates the initiation ceremony.  After the initiation, the Membership Chair works with the Secretary and Treasurer to complete the initiate list information.  The Membership Committee conducts the Member Interest Survey and works with the Programming Committee to provide specific experiences requested by members.  This committee creates and implements a plan to keep members involved in the chapter and informed about Kappa Delta Pi benefits.  The Membership Committee coordinates programs to recognize member accomplishments. 

Historical Committee

The Historical Committee will be responsible for providing a once a month newsletter for Kappa Delta Pi.  They will take pictures and provide a write-up of each Kappa Delta Pi-Kappa Eta event. 

Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee will be responsible for contacting KDP Alumni to update and inform them of the Chapter's past and upcoming events as well as maintaining membership throughout the year. 

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