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2013-2014 Kappa Delta Pi - Kappa Eta Chapter Executive Board

Chapter Counselor - Kappa Eta Chapter

Charisse Willis

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (718) 990-1308

My name is Charisse Willis and I am the Associate Dean of The School of Education - Undergraduate Studies at St. John's University. I am also the Chapter Counselor for the Kappa Eta chapter, Director of America Reads*America Serves, and Director of Jumpstart. 

Co-Presidents 2013-2014

Kelly Baierlein         [email protected]

Welcome!  My name is Kelly Baierlein and I am currently a first year Graduate student.  In May 2013 I graduated with a Bachelor's in Childhood Education (1-6) with a concentration in Math.  For the Graduate program I am studying Early Childhood (B-6) along with the middle school extension.  This is my third year on the Kappa Eta E-board and I am proud to be a part of this team and family!  This year I am the President, and I look forward to working with all of you.  

Luigi Papasidero

Email: [email protected]

Hi Everyone! My name is Luigi Papasidero and I am from Glen Cove, NY. I am currently the Co-President of the Kappa Eta #247 chapter at St. John's University. My major is in adolescent education with a concentration in Biology. In addition to my responsibilities to Kappa Eta, I am also in Dean's Scholars, the Program Planning Board, and an ePortfolio representative for The School of Education. My hobbies include skiing, reading, going to the beach, and road trips.

Co-Vice Presidents 2013-2014

Kerry Andreozzi          

  Email:  [email protected] 

Cameron Dickson         

 Email:[email protected]

Hello everyone! My name is Kerry Andreozzi and I am a senior at St. John's University studying Elementary Education with a concentration in psychology. This is my second year on the Kappa Eta Executive Board. I am currently the co- Vice

Hi! My name is Cameron Dickson. I have been a member of KDP for two years and I am currently the Co-Vice President of the Kappa Eta Chapter. I am a Junior in the School of Education, studying Childhood and Special Education in the 5 year program with a concentration in Math. I am excited to become a teacher and inspire and mould students as they strive inside and outside the classroom and acquire a passion for learning. "Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where."

Treasurer 2013-2014

Virginia Severino         

  Email: [email protected]

Welcome everyone to our Kappa Delta Pi - Kappa Eta website! My name is Virginia Severino and I am currently the treasurer of Kappa Eta. 

I am a Childhood Education major with a concentration in Sociology. Being part of the E-board for Kappa Eta has really

enhanced my experience at St.Johns. I am not only learning how to be a leader and gaining valuable work ethic but also am growing 

friendships with others. I also am part of the organization America Reads America Serves as an LEA. Other than my academic responsibilities

I enjoy watching movies, and spending time with family and friends. 

Co-Membership Chairs 2013-2014

Alyssa Nardelli         

 Email: [email protected]

Angela Fazio             

Email: [email protected]

My name is Alyssa Nardelli and I am currently the Co-Membership Chair of the Kappa Eta Chapter. I am a senior and majoring in Childhood Education with a concentration in Psychology. My passion is working with children and making a difference in their lives.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Kappa Eta Website! My name is Angela Fazio and I am the Co-Membership Chair and Fundraising Chair for the Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Eta Chapter. I am currently a Sophomore at St. John's University and I am studying Adolescent Education with a concentration in mathematics. After graduating with my bachelors degree I plan on pursuing my masters in Special Education and teaching in an intermediate school. I have a passion for helping others and my goal as an educator is to continuously give back to those in need. 

Historian 2013-2014

Cindy Amuzie         

 Email:  [email protected]

Cindy Amuzie is a 3rd Year Childhood Education Major concentrating in Mathematics at St. John’s University and is also one of the Junior Representatives for the School of Education for this upcoming school year. During the School Year of 2013-2014 Cindy will be the Kappa Delta Pi- Kappa Eta Historian. The Historian ‘s role in Kappa Eta is very simple. The Historian is a Photographer. The Historian is Reporter. The Historian is a Recorder and the Historian is in away the Keeper of everything Kappa.

Foundation Representative 2013-2014

Jose Santos         

Email:  [email protected]

HI EVERYONE!!!!! My name is Jose Santos and I am the Graduate and Foundation Representative for Kappa Eta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi. I am part of the Career Change Program at St. John’s University with a concentration in Science. I aspire to be that individual who helps to create a spark in imagination, creativity and a broad way of thinking to our youth and the people I work with.

Co-Webmasters 2013-2014

Danielle Paige    

Email:  [email protected]

Hey, everyone! My name is Danielle. I am currently a junior at St. John's University and the Co-Webmaster of Kappa Delta Pi - Kappa Eta Chapter. I am in the five-year childhood education/literacy program with a concentration in psychology. I am a full time student, but I am also a full time teacher's assistant at a preschool.

Kelvin Sage    Email:  [email protected]

I'm Kelvin Sage (a.k.a. Kappa Kelv) and I am the Co-Webmaster for the Kappa Delta Pi-Kappa Eta Chapter.  I am a current alumnus of St. John's University with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Childhood Education.

Secretary 2013-2014

Julia Sebastian      

Email: [email protected]

I am in my third year at St. John's and I'm studying Secondary Math Education. I love to do artistic things and am very organized. My current position is Secretary of Kappa.

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