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KDP Member of the Month Description

The "KDP Member of the Semester" award is a feature of the Kappa Eta Chapter to congratulate and award either prospective or current members who have striven for excellence.  The Executive Board of Kappa Eta nominates one member a semester who has gone above and beyond the call of duty as an ordinary KDP member. 

The selected few have gone the extra mile, and it is clear how much they care about the education of our future children, their learning experiences as a future teacher and peer-to-peer contact.  They have created various experiences and memories throughout their time as a Kappa Eta which is something that is worth praising! Their efforts and involvement in KDP have been exceptional and distinct.  

 The specific criteria to be nominated for KDP Member of the Semester is as follows:

1.  # Of Events Attended

2.  Involvement in Projects

3.  Blogging (Events)

4.  Blogging (Committees)

5.  Enthusiam about Kappa Eta

6.  Contributions/Donations

7.  Academic Achievement

As part of this recognition, the recipients will be recognized at our Induction Ceremony on Wednesday, April 17th at the Westbury Manor and receive a scholarship from Kappa Eta with a value of $125. 

Thank you to the following KDP Members of the Semesters. Congratulations, and we thank you for your true commitment to Kappa Delta Pi - Kappa Eta Chapter! 

Congratulations to the 2012-2013 KDP Members of the Semester!

Takaun Leach

Sophomore, Adolescent Education Major, History Concentration

"Being a part of Kappa Eta was a great experience.  I learned a lot through all the events that were put together by the Executive Board.  It was wonderful to network with others who are also inspiring educators and to see that all of my hard work had paid off.  I look forward to being a part of Kappa Eta for years to come!"


Christine Hong

Sophomore, Dual Childhood/ Special Education Major, Mathematics Concentration

" Kappa Delta Pi has given me resources and opportunities to help me achieve and strive professional fellowship, leadership, and growth in the education field. Now as a member of Dean's Scholars, I would like to help and represent those members who act as leaders and role models to the University. I am proud to be a member of Dean's Scholars and will do my best to represent the School of Education of St. John's University. "


KDP Member of December 2011
Teresa Pfab

Sophomore, Childhood Education, Psychology
Spanish Minor

"It did not take long to realize that KDP is so much more than an organization that may look good on paper. KDP has challenged me to be an active, well-informed member of my community by providing me with excellent opportunities to attend conferences, engage in meaningful service, network with other professionals, and develop a greater passion for teaching. I am so happy that I have embraced the opportunity to participate in the impressive variety of professional development, service, and social events Kappa Eta has to offer.  Some events in particular that have made a lasting impact on me have been the Midnight Runs, Stacey Bess Lecture, Sponsor-A-Family with Saint John?s Bread and Life, KDP Women?s Night, and the professional development events sponsored by the Career Center.  I am proud to say that not only am I a member of an international honor society in education, but also that my chapter is one of the best in the world! I look forward to my future experiences with Kappa Delta Pi, confident that they will continue to shape me as a student leader and future teacher." -Teresa Pfab

KDP Member of November 2012
Ebony Ford

Junior, Adolescent Education, Social Studies

"Making the decision to join this honor society has proven to be one of the smartest decisions that I have made thus far in my college career. I chose to join KDP because I felt that it was a great organization on campus and I would have the opportunity to engage with likeminded individuals that had the same ultimate goal that I did, to one day become a teacher. Some of my favorite events that I have attended this year have been the Students vs. Faculty Basketball game, the Stacey Bess motivational speech, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and the STJ Storms out Bullying event. I enjoy being a part of my chapter because the events that they host or are involved in are always varied, appeal to different types of people and are always enjoyable and informational. My experience in the Kappa Eta chapter of KDP has been great so far and I know that it will continue to be as I finish up my undergraduate degree. Being a member of KDP has given me the opportunity to make friends that I will be able to have a bond with forever and will also allow me to have a group of people to network with as we all grow in the teaching profession together." -Ebony Ford

KDP Member of October 2011
Alexandra Lodynsky

Freshman, Childhood Education

"As a freshman my experience with Kappa has been incredible. Every time an event is going on or there is a lecture, Kappa members are front and center. As a member of Kappa Delta Pi you never miss what is going on on campus. All the members have been welcoming and have made being a member of Kappa a goal of mine. Kappa is great for keeping your grades up, making friends, and being involved. I feel as if you can learn a lot from Kappa and it has a lot to offer students. My favorite part of Kappa is when we help our community, such as the Halloween Pumpkin Day when we helped the students from Abigail Adams decorate pumpkins and play games. You could tell that us showing up meant the world to these students. As a Kappa member, you need to realize that service is a part of your job and helping people should just come naturally.  As a future teacher it is your responsibility to be aware of what is going on in the world. By attending events such as the Carol Gresser Forum or the Stacey Bess lecture, you are learning new ways to improve your job and really reach your students. While all of these events have helped me better understand my profession so did Kappa?s Women?s Night. I thoroughly enjoyed Kappa?s Women?s Night, it was a lot of fun talking to upperclassmen and Dean Willis about ?excuses? and how they affect everyone. This night really made me feel like I was not alone and that I could talk to anyone and they would listen. It also brought us all together and each and every one of us could relate to the other. Another event I liked was the Student vs. Faculty Basketball Game. All of these events are not even the entire year; they are within a semester and I?ve already had so much fun and have made new friends through them. Becoming a Kappa member is a huge honor to me, it is a chance to expand my horizons and an opportunity I couldn?t be happier to receive." -Alexandra Lodynsky

2010 - 2011 Members of the Month
September 2010 - Nicole Apps
Freshman, Adolescent Education, English

"I heard about KDP from the first day at Orientation.  I didn't want to join a sorority, so KDP was a great honor opportunity to get involved in.  I love KDP!  I have the best of time at the events especially at Service Day at Jamaica High School.  We worked with the students, laughed, and had fun!  It's not about getting a sheet filled to receive service credit but about gaining experiences.  I was moved by this event as corny as that sounds.  It feels great to be Member of the Month.  It's so nice to be recognized out of everyone. "  ~Nicole Apps 
October 2010 - Kelvin Sage
Sophomore, 5-Year Childhood Education/Literacy Program, English
" I joined KDP because I wanted to be amongst education majors and receive advice and help that would benefit me and my future career. I learned so much at the First KDP Assembly with Dr. Ferdinandi about counseling.  It opened my eyes as far as how teachers and counselors need to establish relationships for the benefit of the student.  This event gave me an idea of an alternate path I would want to take.  I find myself getting more involved in social events too.  To be honest, I used to be a shy kid.  Now, I'm contributing to good causes I would have never imagined.  Spending time with my fellow KDP members is guaranteed a great time. This honor society gives you the chance to socialize with those in the same career path which makes its easier to relate to challenges that you'll face.  It's a chance to get involved in the community in ways that you never have before."  ~ Kelvin Sage
November 2010 - Douglas Cipolla
Junior, Adolescent Education, Social Studies

"A lot of my friends are in Kappa.  What is so amazing about this honor society is that there is a camaraderie among its members.  There are opportunities where you can get to know each other away from the school environment .  It also offers a chance for students and faculty in The School of Education to come together for a common good which is to help make the future of education for children a better one through service, professional development, and social activities.  I want to be in an honor society which gives back to schools and helps you get a foot into education.  You gain a lot of experience from working and collaborating with schools around the area.  Service Day, for example, was an eye-opener!  You could see the end of the spectrum and it gave me clarity to the different ranges in education.  There are schools that don't have the materials nor staff power.  However, you still can do a lot with limited resources.  It's all about finding the right people to help and support you. My favorite event that Kappa had this semester was the Students vs. Faculty Basketball Game.  It was a great way to involve Kappa and the university as a whole.  Even though we didn't have the numbers we were expecting, the overall feeling of the night was extremely positive.  It was a fun night for those who played and those who watched.  To be honored as KDP Member of November was unexpected.  I just do what I think is right for me to do.  It's great to be recognized because I never had that kind of recognition before.  I think Kappa is going really well this year and is benefiting all its members both in the short and long run.  If kappa stays on this trend, it will reach extreme heights." ~ Douglas Cipolla


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